संगच्छध्वं संवदध्वं सं वो मनांसि जानताम्

"Let us be together, let us interact together; may our minds comprehend together"​ - Rig Veda

Satheesh Vasudevan from Bannerghatta Road
Awesome Mangoes.No two ways about it.I have been waiting with bated breath for the mangoes to arrive from Arun's farm and its been worth the wait.My whole family enjoyed the premium quality mangoes delivered from Arun's farm.Thanks Arun and Team.Kudos!!!
Santhosh B J from BSK 2nd/3rd Stage
The mangoes in Phalamrutha are amazing. They are beyond compare with the ones we get in the market . The experience of eating the mangoes cannot be put in words. We ordered about 6 kg of Alphanso mangoes and it was finished within a day . I alone ate about 9 mangoes. I have never had such mangoes, I will firmly recommend everyone to taste the real mangoes. Do not miss the opportunity...
Hilda Pillai from Doddakannalli
Alphonso mangoes delivered this week are very very sweet. Best mangoes recd this season. Since, Pajaka comes out with their naturally ripened mangoes only by end June or beginning of July, had to order mangoes from other vendors, n was very disappointed with quality of those mangoes. Happy that the best had to come from Pajaka. The Totapuri's too are awesome.
SandhyaRaghuraman from Bannerghatta Road
Very good quality A2 milk. Thanks
Pragati Goel from
Sooperb and satisfying.
SandhyaRaghuraman from Bannerghatta Road
Very happy with the quality of A2 Milk. Thanks
shanker narayan from J P Nagar
good product
suma from HSR Layout
I was worried that the delivery might stop because no other dairy product in the local market can match up to Phalamrutha standards. But now I am relieved that we will continue to have the supply of my family’s most relished dairy products. Thanks Pajaka Farms !
Avinash Jangir from Malleshwaram
I have been purchasing milk for last one month and I am more than satisfied with the quality of milk. Best and pure milk in very reasonable price.
Kamesh from Mahalakshmipuram
I tasted all the Diary products from Phalamruta, the quality is extremely high and satisfying. The taste is unmatched in comparison with the insipid ones available in the present market which are adulterated with chemicals and so on. Thanks to the team for taking a bold step to promote Vedic culture(which includes cow protection). I wish you all success in reaching it to as many people possible, in the future, so that everyone lives a healthy lifestyle. May Lord Krishna's blessings be with you.
Sriram from Bellandur
Extremely high quality of A2 milk and veggies. And the service has been exceptional.
Chandra from Doddakannalli
we get the finest quality milk.
Neeti soni from K R Puram
Sometimes I noticed small flies and peace of hair in milk. please maintain the quality
Hilda Pillai from Doddakannalli
Mallika mangoes - superb quality. So very sweet and yummy. Words are not enough to describe it. Eating is believing!
Natraj from Rajajinagar
good quality and excellent service punctuality in delivery
SandhyaRaghuraman from Bannerghatta Road
VGood quality A2 milk!
Santhosh B J from BSK 2nd/3rd Stage
I have been associated with Phalamrutha for last 1 year and I just realized how indebted I am to all the work Arun & team are doing. My son gets excited with the very thought of drinking milk or eating butter or Ghee. My wife has grown confident of her diet regime due to the grocery and vegetables that serve us every single day. My parents always thought we are just paying more, but now have started to appreciate the quality and service which is unmatchable. As a family, we have developed a strong sense of connection with Pajaka Farms who care so much about our wellbeing. Going to hotels or eating out are rare occurrence now, as we strongly believe there is no match for the quality of food we make at home.. As widely known “ we are a product of what we think”, and most of the thinking is driven by what we eat. I cannot appreciate Arun & team enough for driving us towards this diving experience, with so much of hard work. We think of you every day. Thank you. Best Wishes Santhosh & Family
Girish from Malleshwaram
Overall, Phalamrutha delivers on its promise, whether service or quality they keep their words and delivers as committed, rarely found in today's business world both trustworthy and quality products delivered at your doorsteps.
Sukesh from Chikkabellandur
We are very happy that we chose to order A2 milk from Pajaka Farms. Milk is of high quality and quality is not compromised even once. Every alternate morning before 5 am we receive the delivery. If Pajaka farms delivers to you then please do not miss subscribing for the A2 milk. We are also a huge fan of Vegetables from the pajaka farms. Palak, long beans everything is very tasty and we can clearly see the difference in our food. We wish Pajaka farms a huge success. God bless everyone involved in the farm for providing high quality food to us.
Dear Mr. Sukesh, Thanks for your review, it means a lot to us and makes us to do better in our endeavour to give some thing amazing to all our customers. With Regards, Phalamrutha Team.
Vrindha from Begur Koppa Road
Pajaka farms feels like blessing for our family. We don't even feel it's a business but rather our extended family with the care that Arun and team extend to us. All our inputs are always considered with warmth and we always make our best efforts to visit their farm. The quality of products always reminds of our our childhood when we consumed pestfree produce. Our baby is proudly Pajaka grown one and has been Hale and hearty with minimal medical needs thanks to the food she consumes. In the end, we believe as a family that Pajaka produce has helped us be strong from within and avoid doctors, believe it or not 😊
Thanks Vrinda for your review. Thanks for being our customer since Aug 2017 and taking time and visiting us, couple of times, with your family. You and Madhu have always been a great support to us. With Regards, Phalamrutha Team.
Sheela Nagarkatti from Malleshwaram
It has been a wonderful experience being part of Phalamruta family. Apart from receiving genuine good A2 milk, it feels good to receive regular updates about the health of the cows! And service is excellent too. Thanks Arun, Smita and the Pajaka family
Akshatha rao from Electronic City
I have not yet tried Diary but have been ordering vegetables and fruits. Excellent quality and on-time delivery of products and very prompt query resolution and support from Mr Sridhar.
g vaidyanathan from J P Nagar
delivery should be at door step. v r receiving milk at 2 AM midnight. v have to go collect at security gate in the morning which is inconvenient.
Hello Mr. Vaidyanthan. Greetings from Phalamrutha, Thanks for your feedback. Please note that, our delivery is to your door step, provided, security allows us access. Please talk to your security and ask them to allow us inside as and when they come. We can not delivery to all the 350 families at 6 AM. We can only deliver as per the schedule possible. Thanks for your understanding. With Regards, Phalamrutha Team.
Sonali Goel from Chikkabellandur
Have faced few issue with Delivery.
Umesh Kale from Bannerghatta Road
Unless delivery is on all days, there won't be any comfort.
Dear Mr. Umesh, Greetings from Phalamrutha, Thanks for your feedback. We did deliver Every day to your area for almost 22months and found that it was not a feasible solution and hence we had to roll back to alternate day delivery. Thanks for your understanding With Regards, Phalamrutha Team.
B.V.Gokhale from Malleshwaram
Hi ARUN, It was truly an amazing farm visit. As it is, we are a great fan of your products. The kind of technology & innovative farming which we witnessed in your farm was really an eye opener. Of course, the information you provided will be cherished by us. All the animals taken care set us an example as to how we should be more humane. I thank you & your team for the extreme generosity & hospitality showered on us. I will surely recommend you to all my friends. Not to forget such a delicious lunch. You have set a benchmark for all the farming enthusiasts. All the best from the team of Brigade Gateway & Rotary Orion Gateway.
Sudhir Subbarao from BSK 2nd/3rd Stage
We are very happy to be associated with Pajaka Farms, since Sep 2016, for our dairy needs. We have trusted the quality of the products right from the start. And our recent farm visit doubly reinforced this trust. Pajaka Farms indeed maintains a good life for the dairy cattle providing fresh food and water, access to pasture, gentle handling, vast space, clean shelter, hygienic processing, fresh air, healthy animals, dedicated personnel and safety. Thank you Arun for organizing the farm visit and hospitality you and your family have extended, it was both enjoyable and educational for our family including kids. We got a taste of all of the honest hard work that you and your team put in to ensure we are delivered products in the best possible manner. The team is very open, transparent and customer oriented. Looking forward to a long association of good health! All the very best.
Bharathi from C V Raman Nagara
Iam a new customer, have used the curd,vegetables,ghee etc from here.Its very fresh and the taste also makes a difference. I visited the farm once and I truly appreciate the motive and efforts taken by Arun to provide good organic milk,curd , vegetables etc ... The farm visit was very well organised and made us feel good as a customer to know from where and how we are getting our products.. All the kids also enjoyed the visit.. I wish the team to continue grow and establish further so that the many customers get benefited by getting quality products!!
Sunil Kuruvath from HSR Layout
High quality products. If you can have milk delivery consistently by 06:30 AM IST, it would help us to plan well. Else we might end up buying milk from local vendor.
I am a milk drinker from way back. In our backyard we had 20desicows in our farm. I have always loved milk with any meal, snack, even with things like potato chips. I know, ugh. Needless to say, I have a lactose condition for the last 15 to 20 years and trust me; I have tried all the almond and soy products that have hit the market. Today again, I heard about our good friend Mr, Arun – Phalamurtha-Pajakafarm-A2 Milk and ran out to try this new product. I can't believe it. It tastes just like 25 YEARS before milk. This is the most amazing discovery for me, a milk lover. I highly recommend this to all who love milk.
keep it up need further tune up.
Suganya RP from Malleshwaram
Phalamrutha's curd - The best curd I've ever had! We always prefer to make curd at home, since the taste and consistency depends on the quality of the milk, temperature, timing, etc., But now, we are a big fan of Phalamrutha's curd. The texture, consistency & taste are exactly the same as what we used to make at home. I highly recommend everyone to try Phalamrutha's curd atleast once. I'm sure you'll become a big fan like us!
Kiran Shetty H from Akshayanagar
I have tried a few "organic" suppliers in the past few years but wasnt sure about the quality and authenticity of the process. This was until i visited Mr Arun and Pajaka farms last month. I was amazed at the entire process on how the farm was maintained and especially how the cows were taken care. Reminded me of our ancestrial farm which is still being maintained by my parents. The products are of top notch quality and the service is Excellent. We might be led to believe that the products are expensive but if you pay a visit to Pajaka farms and see how things are done, i think we will be convinced that every rupee we pay is worth it. The cows are healthy and happy. I could instantly connect to the setup and decided that i would subscibe their products. Well done Arun and team. You are doing a fine job with Pajaka! Keep up the good work
Neelu Jain Prasanna from Iblur Sarajapur
The best A2 milk. Service and quality is 👌👌👌. Thank you so much and please keep up the good work.
Karuna S G from J P Nagar
Keep up the good work!
Aditi Karnad from Indiranagar
Excellent product and service. Really appreciate the quality of milk and milk products!
Shweta Bhat from Harlur
The buzzing word ORGANIC is like trend & tactic for the vegetable & fruit sellers in Bangalore. Amazed to see real Organic cultivation at Pajaka Farm. My confident on the Pajaka Farm Organic products boosted up after our visit to Farm. I would like to Thanks Arun for arranging the farm visit.
Ragini Sanath from Bannerghatta Road
Fantastic products, fresh and timely. Very prompt to respond to any questions or issues.
Anna Renu from Indiranagar
There is always a hype about "organic" produce but the fact is none of us are sure if it is genuine!!This is the prime reason for me to pay a visit to Pajaka Farms. And it sure did not disappoint me! I was happy to see that the cows and all the farm animals in the farm are well taken care of and kept under good hygienic conditions. I honestly felt they looked happy :-) no surprise that the Milk & milk products are EXCELLENT! the veggies grown there are equally good! I am glad I finally found a source that is RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY! I appreciate the perseverance and hard work of the entire team at Pajaka Farms! It gives me great peace supporting the team as a consumer and also feeling good that my family actually gets to eat produce that is healthy and straight from Farm to Kitchen !
Manjunath B.S. from Girinagara
I visited Phalamrutha farm "Pajaka" on 22.3.2018 and it was really an enriching experience. Mr Arun Kumar was very kind to receive all visitors, make them feel at home and conducted us around the farm, informing of various activities, and also explaining in detail all the processes involved . We were really impressed to know and understand the various stages of getting quality milk-right from feeding the cows of balanced food\fodder to milking them, chilling it,packing and forwarding \delivering
Padmanabhan from HSR Layout
We have been with Pajaka for more than 8 months and extremely happy with their service. Quality of milk and vegetables par excellence. Best part is, they are very open to take suggestions and rectify problems asap. We are very happy to be a part of Pajaka..
Indira Krishnamurthi from Rajajinagar
I have been a customer since Aug 2017. My family loves the quality of the products, the milk and curd are extremely tasty. The paneer is also tasty, however the minimum order quantity is quite large at 500gms. The buttermilk is excellent too, however since the curd is such a hit at home, I prefer to buy it. I have also been using the ghee regularly. I have been using A2 milk products. Only once has the milk curdled and delivery been delayed. So overall very happy with my experience and intend
Sandeep B S from BTM Layout
The service and Product is exceptional!! Keep up the good work team Pajaka:-)
Srikanth Srinivasan from Indiranagar
Been ordering from Phalamrutha Since Dec 2017. The quality of the A2 Desi milk is outstandingly fresh and creamy. My daughter now happily drinks 2 glasses of this. Paneer & buttermilk excellent too. Tough to go back to normal paneer after cooking with farm fresh paneer. Excellent vegetables - fresh and tender. I particularly appreciate the variety of leaves and greens available, especially local varieties. Recommend 100% for those looking for healthier tastier organic options.
Savitha Ramesh from Jayanagar 1st Block, 9th Block and T Block
A visit to Pajaka farms (particularly the naati cattle) was a divine experience in itself and the milk we consume - holy! The ghee/paneer/curds I have gotten out of the A2 cream/milk comes out extremely good. That said the quality of their own milk products are great as well! I loved the quality of the cocount+copra, greens, potatoes, ridge gourd and look forward to ordering more produce from them like our very own native, butter fruit (avocado) and many others that I don't get in the local mark
Crystal Dsouza from J P Nagar
Glad to have found a reliable supplier for my daily dairy , vegetable and fruits supply . Pajaka farms offer good quality products ,reasonably priced and delivered with hygiene and care . Uniqueness of this farm , they encourage farm visits to their customers which allows us to know their farming methods and assure quality of products that are consume daily. Thank you Pajaka team for providing us with authentic products. .
Satya Krishnamurthi from Gopasandra
Arun and team are the most honest bunch I have seen and really value them for the service they provide. What is very important for me is that my family is fed well and I have that peace of mind that the milk we consume and the fruits and vegetables we have are in safe hands. Thank you so much Phalamrutha and team !! The care with which you supply the milk and other products is much appreciated !!
Raja Varma from Bannerghatta Road
Excellent quality products, fresh produces. prompt and courteous support.
Piyush Agrawal from K R Puram
We have been using the products since some months now, and I must say they are just amazing and pure. I would specially recommend their dairy products i.e., A2 milk, A2 ghee, A2 curd and A2 paneer. There is no compromise in terms of quality and service. Vegetables are also farm fresh and good in quality. Highly recommend all of its products.
Shweta from Erappa Reddy Layout
Would appreciate if u make half litre a2 milk available. As a nuclear family it’s sometimes disheartening to see milk getting wasted.
Shobha Vijayaraghavan from Bannerghatta Road
Undoubtedly, the milk is great and my kids have started drinking milk again...However, for me the most important positive is the humane treatment of the animals. In fact, this is the primary reason we are going with Arun and not any other farm. Keep up the good work, Arun and team!
Ritu Singh from Bannerghatta Road
The website is not quite user friendly. It would be convenient to navigate on an app as the website is not also compatible with mobile, tabs etc.
Jyothi Sekhar from Nandini Layout
The quality of veggies and fruits are exceptional. I am extremely very happy with the quality of the milk provided by them.
Ravikanth Somayaji from K R Puram
Great products, and great service.
SandhyaRaghuraman from Bannerghatta Road
Amazing quality milk! The taste of A2 Milk and Curds are Vgood.
Rathna Srinivasan from J P Nagar
Received the DESI colostrum milk today morning. Excellent quality .... Something i did not see in the last 25 years after moving out of my village. A big round of applause to Team Pajaka
Prashanth Krishnamurthy from Arehalli
Quality of milk and vegetables are good. Couple of feedback from my end. 1.Delivery of milk to Uttarahalli is alternate days which can be looked at and made daily. 2. Vegetables delivery is only twice a week which needs to be increased.
Neelima from Begur Koppa Road
Neelima from SNN Raj Serenity I have been using milk and milk products from pajaka farms for more than 8 months now. Milk in natural form with its best nutritional value and having such genuine organic products all the way from the farms to your door steps is an added advantage. As the milk is delivered in glass bottles it gives bit of happiness that at least per days plastic wastage is reduced.
Pushpa S Dutta from Malleshwaram
Absolutely no complaints! Delivery is prompt and quality is excellent.
suma from HSR Layout
I am very happy with the quality . I would appreciate daily delivery though. thanks
Girish Krishnamurthy from HSR Layout
I have my own cows at my farm, which give A1 milk, but I still get A2 milk from Pajaka farms for my young son. I trust Pajaka team completely on the authenticity and quality of the product, and have now a proven track record of supplying to me for 1.5 years. Great job Pajaka team for your due diligence to quality.
Mandar Vartak from Koramangala
Very good quality veggies and fruits...and delivered fresh....my family visited Pajaka farms and liked the place...enjoyed their hospitality...owner takes extra care of cows...provides nutritious grass..RO water... dedicated veterinary doctor....owner uses natural farming methods to grow veggies....we are very happy with the service...
pradeep sahoo from Coxtown
I am extremely delighted with every aspect of Phalamrutha - be it quality of product or service. The team is able to proactively provide information on available fresh products to enable us to plan our supply requirements. The milk is of excellent quality and is not comparable to the one available outside. A big thank you to the Phalamrutha team
Pavithra V from Horamaavu
I started buying milk and veggies from pajaka farms since november 2017. They deliver their products on time in our door step. They also respond our queries immediately. We visited the farm and we really enjoyed the visit . We are happy about the quality of the products...I strongly recommend pajaka farm products.
GOPINATH.K from BTM Layout
Excellent Initiative and effort by Phalamrutha team. The atmosphere and infrastructure at the farm gives a lot of assurance about the quality of the products. Keep up the good work. It will be very useful for both Phalamrutha and the customers if the scale of operation is enlarged without compromising on the quality and the benefits of a larger scale operation can be mutually shared between Phalamrutha and customers.
Narasimman N from Harlur
Excellent quality of product and service. Nothing to complain.
P.Dakshayani from Rajajinagar
Very good quality supplied at prompt time
Balaraman Kuppuswamy from Bannerghatta Road
I have visited Pajaka Farms couple of times and amazed with the efforts these guys are putting into getting us the best possible products. Whole team is dedicated to delivering quality products. They have their own cows, close to 200,taken care of very well. Set up is simply amazing. Any issues addressed is taken care of immediately. Veggies are of super quality and they are truly organic. One should visit to know them better. Friendly staff and superb service, Keep up the good work 👍👍👍
Hilda Pillai from Doddakannalli
Quality of A2 milk is awesome. Very happy with fresh leafy vegetables and onions and potatoes.
Pranshu from Cooke Town
Arun has done noble work for the society by setting up Organic dairy and farm supplies. I am associated with Arun for last 8 months and all the time I have found quality products (A2 milk, curd or butter milk, jaggery, vegetables etc) and delivered on time. He is always very prompt in his response and any issue faced by me.
Neetu from Malleshwaram
I am really happy about the qualityof the products. Very prompt with their customer services and appreciate your willingness to take our feedback. Great work in bringing awareness about organic products.
Rathna Srinivasan from J P Nagar
Exceptional quality of milk and Greens. Awesome Service. But now the problem is I AM NOT ABLE TO DRINK ANY OTHER MILK!!!! Keep up the good work
Satheesh Kumar S K from Electronic City
Really Wonderful Quality, No where in Bangalore we get this Quality and amazing Service