संगच्छध्वं संवदध्वं सं वो मनांसि जानताम्

"Let us be together, let us interact together; may our minds comprehend together"​ - Rig Veda

Our quality & methodology

Our process ensures that the cows are milked separately so that the milk we deliver to you has nothing added, nothing taken away – just natural, pure and delicious cows’ milk. Our milk comes from pasture - raised cows. This means that cows have daily access to outdoor pastures of about 40 acres (of total 70 acres), are never given added hormones, and are fed an all vegetarian, plant-based diet.

Every can of our milk will meet strongent criteria of safety, quality and wholesomeness and most importantly bring pleasure to our consumers every day. Pájaka caters to earmarking a preservative free organic farming zone without compromising on quality and integrity. Certain tastes are ingrained in us and these resemble the true tastes of our tradition since centuries.

Our goal is to revive the authentic traditional food, which is tasty, healthy using modern technology and highest standards of organic dairy farming..

Carbon footprint

Most of the times, we come across farmers with the risk of water shortages, increasing electricity costs and lack of adequate information on modern technology. At Pájaka we have ensured to improve irrigation practices that have the potential to simultaneously improve the carbon and water footprint of produce as well as reduce operational costs.

Staff training

Our staff is regularly trained to take good care of irrigation equipment & enhance their knowledge to ensure quality production.

Animal welfare

The most important aspect which we never compromise on - health of the cows. Pájaka has mix of multi breed of cows including the GIR (the world class breed best known for A2 milk). They are monitored every day, records are maintained periodically and required care is ensured for well-being.

Pájaka believes in providing the best of conditions for their cows to produce milk, the way nature intended. Fodder for cows comes from our farm too - we grow 5 varieties of fodder in dedicated 40 acres of land.

Responsibly raised animals and a farm managed with family values create the ideal conditions to bring the freshest, highest quality, most perfect milk to your table.


ॐ क्षेत्रस्य पतिना वयं हितेनेव जयामसि ।
गामश्वं पोषयित्न्वा स नो मृळातीदृशे ।।

We invoke the Lord of the Kshetra by whose grace indeed we prosper
May He through His gracious look increase our cattle and horses